When the Pupil is Ready, the Teacher Will Come

Rev. Rod Thompson is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister, a former Ohio Meadville District Executive and Consultant, and a longtime member of the Kent UU church.  Rod has served as a settled minister and as an Accredited Interim Minister in congregations in Ohio, Georgia, Maryland, … read more.

Building Cathedrals

Extraordinary vision, hard work, and commitment are all elements for success.   Our shared faith is built on such principles, as is our future.

Lead by Rev. Beth Marshall

Singing the Journey

Unitarian Universalist faith has often been described as “more about the journey than the destination”.  As UUs, we are proud of our spiritual diversity, but the idea of spiritual life as a journey is one core belief that we share, whether we are theist or … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

This week, bring your furry, scaly, or feathered friends to service this week for the Blessing of the Animals.  All (well behaved) creatures great and small are welcome.
We will also recognize furry friends who have passed on – please bring a photo of your pet if … read more.

Stoicism Series 2: Self-Discipline

Join us for part two of our six-part series on Stoicism.  This week, we’re joined by Aaron & Alicia Burkle as our musical guests!

Poetry Service

Our annual Poetry Service, featuring readings from the Poetry Covenant Group and members of the congregation.  Bring a favorite people to share, or just come to listen and enjoy!  We’ll have music director emerita Marcellene Hawk as our musician!


The Examined Life

In a follow up to “The Unexamined Life” with Dr. Allan Georgia on July 1st.  Our Commissioned Lay Minister Mark Weber speaks on freedom in self-designation and self-making. We can make ourselves (and our world).