The Miracle of Spring: Rebirth and Resurrection

As traditional Christians throughout the world celebrate the Easter miracle of Resurrection, we, too, will celebrate the rebirth of spring, and the Spirit within. Instead of the traditional communion of bread and wine, we will feast on the beauty of flowers, and their silent message of … read more.

The Resiliency of the Human Spirit with special guest Honey Bell-Bey

Honey is a lecturer, ministering poet, and youth advocate who directs the international performance group, The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word. Her recent travels to West Africa have confirmed many of the lessons she teaches about the universal resiliency within us all.

Doubt & Uncertainty with Guest Minister Rev. Alison Wohler

Unitarian Universalism is sometimes called The Institutionalization of Religious Freedom; we are a balancing act of differing
beliefs. Yet most of us are pretty comfortable with the uncertainty this openness entails. Seen on Facebook: “I’m a Unitarian
Universalist: the bedrock of my faith is an … read more.

A Very Important Choice!

Rev. Ann Marie Alderman, Transitions Coach serving the CER, will help us to explore how to make an important choice, what to consider not only in regards to what or whom we may be choosing, but also about ourselves when making a very important … read more.