Doubt & Uncertainty with Guest Minister Rev. Alison Wohler

Unitarian Universalism is sometimes called The Institutionalization of Religious Freedom; we are a balancing act of differing
beliefs. Yet most of us are pretty comfortable with the uncertainty this openness entails. Seen on Facebook: “I’m a Unitarian
Universalist: the bedrock of my faith is an unshakeable belief that your guess is as good as mine.”

Alison Wohler grew up at First Unitarian in the 50s and 60s. Her BS in Biology is from Allegheny College. She worked in a
laboratory and then owned an art gallery before making the decision to become a UU minister. Her MDiv is from Andover Newton
Theological School in Boston. She was your Killam Fellow in 2001. She is now the Minister Emerita of the UU Society of Amherst,
Massachusetts, where she served for eleven years. Having retired from full-time parish ministry in 2016, Alison has now moved to
Columbus to be near both her daughter (in Columbus) and her parents, Lenore and Bob Adams, active members of this church.

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