Like many UU congregations, First Unitarian Church of Cleveland utilizes a democratic system of governance. We have a system of bylaws, official rules adopted by our congregation, that help us define who we are, establish membership, set up the Board of Trustees and officers, and state the guidelines for our minister(s) and staff.  Our Governance Policies define our major goals as an institution (Ends Statements) and how the Board and Staff will carry out their responsibilities and monitor themselves in reaching those goals.

First U Bylaws June 2015

First Unitarian Church of Cleveland Governance Policies

At the end of the church year, our Nominating Committee selects four candidates to join the Board of Trustees.  These nominees are voted on by the congregation and serve a term of three years.



First Unitarian Church of Cleveland – Board of Trustees Covenant

“We, the Board members of the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland, promise to uphold the established mission of our church, respect each other, and work cooperatively to the best of our abilities toward the betterment of our church community. We affirm the following:

  • We shall presume good faith and stay in relationship even in disagreement or conflict;
  • We shall treat each other with respect;
  • We shall be honest and direct with each other;
  • We shall commit to attending all scheduled meetings being fully present and prepared, and respecting our communal meeting time, using it to advance the designated agenda;
  • We shall work to provide an inclusive, participative process; while at the same time pursuing closure when all dimensions of a topic have been addressed.
  • We shall encourage all members of the Board to participaten in discussions;
  • We shall support the final decisions of the Board;
  • We shall observe the board guidelines on confidentiality on a given topic or issue.”

Additional church operations are conducted through a number of Teams and Committees.  Team and Committee membership is open to any member of the church currently in good standing.


Our church operations are funded primarily via the Stewardship of our members.