UU Children in our Community Garden

You, as parents and guardians, play a significant role in the religious education of your children.  Your active participation is encouraged as this religious community shares this important responsibility.  Parents are asked to teach and to support the program in other ways on a regular basis.  An adult responsible for each child must remain on the church grounds during Sunday school.  The Religious Education Program is paid for by the congregation as a whole through the operating budget of the church, and parents are expected to make a financial contribution to the church.  Here are some other ways you can help:

  • Dress children in play clothes.  Our children paint, run, jump, walk in the woods, plant seeds, play games and enjoy our playground.  Comfortable school or play clothes are appropriate.
  • Meet your child(ren)’s teachers.  Introduce yourself and your child(ren) to the teachers.  If you bring a visitor to attend with your child(ren), please introduce the newcomer to the teacher before the beginning of class.
  • Arrive on time and come regularly.  A sense of belonging develops by attending regularly.  Feelings of connection and friendship take time.  These feelings nurtured here help sustain our children in their search for meaning.  Classes begin at 11:00 am and end at 12:15 pm, which gives our parents an opportunity to socialize with other members of our community.
  • Help in your child’s classroom.  Often parents are asked to serve as classroom helpers and sometimes bring a snack for the class to share.
  • Share your religion with your children.  Talk with your child about what she or he did in class.  Reinforce with them our desire to provide a “safe classroom” where ideas and questions are welcomed, but unkindness is not.  Share with them why you come and what needs of yours are met by our church community.  Let your child know your thoughts, opinions and values

Religious education is a life-long process.  We are on a pilgrimage that is nurtured by being in a community of seekers.  As companions on the journey, we need each other for sharing our thoughts and wonderings.  Your participation enriches us all.


Volunteer teachers from the congregation are the adult presence transmitting our religion to our young people in a caring and knowledgeable way. Each year parents and non-parents alike volunteer to join teaching teams of four teachers. Support for teachers is offered by our Director of Religious Education and Youth Religious Education Committee and teacher orientations are held annually. Special training is offered for Our Whole Lives and Youth Group leaders.


Forms and Documents for Parents and Guardians