We could not be more excited to announce that our YRE program year is getting ready to begin! Classes will begin on Sunday, September 23rd. We have some exciting new programs and set of AMAZING new teachers who are going to bring all kinds of insight and fun into the classroom this Fall! Here is our new lineup!


Grades K – 3 Spirit Play with Andrew Watkins
Grades 4 – 6 Toolbox of Faith with Ken Kuehm
Grades 6 – 8 Neighboring Faiths with Aaron Burkle
Grades 9 – 12 Exploring our Faiths and Ourselves with Erin Holmes


Registration for the 2018-2019 Youth Religious Exploration program is open now!
Register online here


Youth Religious Exploration at First U provides a safe and conscientious environment where children and young people are free to explore spiritual questions that help to deepen and enrich their understanding of their selves and the world around them.  Our teachers and volunteers foster the empowerment of children and youth by inspiring them to seek knowledge, think critically, offer service to others, and share together in worship.

We are dedicated to exploring our UU identity through experiential learning and the honoring of religious pluralism. We are committed to the study of Unitarian Universalism, Jewish and Christian heritages, world religions, and the prophetic visions and actions of our foremothers and forefathers.  With these themes, we weave contemporary issues and opportunities to work for social justice.