Michael Servetus (1511 – 1553), a Spanish theologian, is considered one of the founding thinkers of Unitarianism.

Our governing organization, the Unitarian Universalist Association, was founded in 1961.  However, Unitarianism has its beginnings in the 1560s during the Protestant Reformation.  Spreading from Eastern Europe to England and then the New World, Unitarians believed in the unity of God and the humanity of Jesus.  The Universalist religion was founded in the 1770s with the belief that God would not condemn human beings and all souls would be saved upon death.  Realizing that they shared many of the same influences and beliefs, the two groups merged in the 1960s, founding Unitarian Universalism.


Modern UU’s consider themselves to be Religious Liberals, rather than Liberal Christians.  We have no creed but instead, abide by a set of seven principles that reflect our shared values.


First Unitarian Church of Cleveland has been a force for Liberal Religion in the Greater Cleveland area since 1867.  We commemorated our 150th birthday on January 14, 2017 with a celebratory service that brought together Cleveland’s UU congregations, a number of whom have their origins in our church.  You can read the sermons delivered by our local clergy, as well as former UUA Moderator, Jim Key, here.