2018009-18 Board Minutes

First Unitarian Church of Cleveland

Meeting of Board of Trustees

September 18, 2018


Board Members Attendance
P Erika Brown P Shane Millette P Mani Pierce P Don Stimpert
P Carol Gay P Bill Morgan P Matt Smith P Heather Torok
P Bob Horan A Meg Pauken P Nancy King Smith P Cat White
P Wayne Jennings
Staff Members


  1. Meeting called to order by Board President, Cat White, at 7:07 pm.
  2. Chalice Lighting and Opening Words by Carol Gay.
  3. The board covenant was recited by all.
  4. Consent agenda: Minutes of August meeting approved unanimously.
  5. There were no conflicts of interest cited by board members.
  6. Leadership Council Report
    1. Playground
      1. A letter was received from Kids of Belvoir Oval sharing their concern for the safety of the playground and wanting to work with us to plan and fundraise an improved playground. Also cited hornets nest on equipment.
      2. Background – we looked at updating the playground a few years ago, leading into the 150th year. The proposal was around 40K.
      3. We agree that it is a concern that need to be addressed. Put together a playground team in conjunction with B&G. Maybe involve Ray Gonzalez, Ken Kuehm, Tom Gibson. Nancy King-Smith interested. Kaboom is org that might do playground funding. City of shaker may also help with funding and logistics.
      4. Hornets nest and overall safety – direct to B&G.
    2. Check Requests – Shane moves we postpone this to next month, refer to finance to create policy, Nancy seconds. Approved
    3. Girl Scouts – rent on Fellowship Hall. Suggestion to waive rental fee. Matt Smith Moved that girl scouts can use Fellowship Hall without charge, in turn they will do a service project , Shane 2nd. Carol Gay will liaison. Approved.
    4. Safety and Security Task force. Carol Gay moved that we approve the formation of the S&S task force, with Bob as board rep. 2nd by Heather Torok. Approved.
  7. President’s Report
    1. Employee Handbook was finalized by HR team. Carol moved to approve Employee Handbook. 2nd by Don Stimpert. Approved
    2. Improving communications
      1. Board minutes not showing on website, Carol had posted them, she will check. Decided to keep rolling 12 months on website.
      2. Discussion – Feedback from Peace circles, Peace circle communications very short, invite to Renee meeting on Sunday is also last minute, Newsletter (email) was very late for September. We agreed these were problems, also staff and board very busy. Will work to be more timely.
    3. Paula Gable update -conf call with UUA ethics. MFE fellowship in review.
    4. Beth Marshall – Cat talking to Beth tomorrow
  8. Shane Millette presented the Treasurer’s report.
    1. Reviewed dashboard, financial and non-financial summary of where we are. Board likes this report.
    2. Reviewed Balance Sheet as of 8-31-18
    3. Reviewed 1st U Revenue & Expenses 7-1-18 to 8-31-18
    4. Giving Statements will be going out monthly, Don Stimpert and team will send out next week. Hopeful this will lead to more timely pledge payments.
    5. Accounting & Donation Management Software change – moving to Realm (modern version of AC from ACS. Next month is the goal.
    6. Gift Giving Educational Articles, written by Don Stimpert, will start being published in the Weekly Eblasts.
  9. Committee and team reports
    1. Reunification
      1. Update – report submitted by Meg Pauken. We have gotten a tremendous amount done; in the home stretch; tackled the hardest issues
      2. Recommended Meetings:
        1. 10/2/18 – special Board meeting to review proposed terms for Memorandum of Understanding
        2. 10/7 or 10/14 – Congregational Conversation to explain the MOU & process: We need to choose a date – in coordination with David Kantor and Melissa Vandergriff – one of them must be there; it would be best if Meg were there, too
        3. 10/21/18 – Congregation votes on MOU (I will be away at a family wedding)
        4. Nov-Dec: (assuming MOU approved by both Cong.’s) outside attorney prepares documents for new entity
        5. Dec: Congregational vote to dissolve existing legal entity and form new entity
        6. Discussion about meetings and timing. Strong feeling of congregation needing more than one chance to learn about the MOU, also some time to reflect. Will request to move vote to 10/28.
    2. Nancy King-Smith and Erica Brown presented Anti-Racism Task Force update.
      1. Not aiming for big service/workshop.
      2. Cong read on Oct 22 – Unitarian Universalists of Color. Announced on Sunday, books will be sold / loaned in coffee hour.
      3. White Fragility – Board moves to support congregational read, ARTF will figure out how to bring it to congregation in January. Passed
  10. Shane will do opening/closing words for October meeting.
  11. Closing words by Shane
  12. Board moved to executive session at 9:11
  13. Meeting adjourned at 9:36


Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Gay, Secretary

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