2018-08-21 Board Meeting Minutes

First Unitarian Church of Cleveland

Meeting of Board of Trustees

Tuesday, August 21,, 2018


Board Members Attendance
P Erika Brown P Shane Millette P Mani Pierce P Don Stimpert
P Carol Gay P Bill Morgan P Matt Smith P Heather Torok
P Bob Horan P Meg Pauken P Nancy King Smith P Cat White
P Wayne Jennings
Staff Members
P Erin Justice


  1. Meeting was called to order by president Cat White @ 7:03
  3. Board recited Board Covenant
    1. Minutes June 2018 – with addition of “Before 9 PM” for meeting end
    2. Minutes July 2018 – approved
    3. Move to approve minutes by Heather, seconded by Meg Pauken, passed unanimously
    1. Allan looking for guidance on leadership for Worship now that summer is wrapping up.
    2. B&G update (via Matt) – Parking lot happening 9/6 and will be ready for opening sunday of 9/9. Roof happening now, done by 8/29.
    1. Congregational Discussion 8/26
      1. Discussion added at Renee recommendation. Info, small table discussions. Great all who can attend. Opportunity for congregation to xpress questions and concerns. Cat will get details out in next few days.
      2. Discussion about meeting focus. Direction, minister, ministerial coverage, plans for fall services. Where we don’t have details will provide plans. Mostly Update, then ongoing questions.
      3. ONE hour because girl scouts are coming in for 2 pm meeting. NOT open ended.
      4. It was recommended that Meg (or someone) go to society to do update.
  7. Emergent Issues Response (Banners, etc)
    1. We have a very old banner policy, question about what it should be in response to emergent issues.Start with banner policy.
    2. Team to draft a policy – Shane Millette, Mani Pierce, Carol Gay volunteered
    3. What should be done with the banner that was purchased? (Families belong together)
    4. Discussion regarding Families belong together banner: difficulty with taking messaging from internet world into the real physical world. Not our logo, someone else’s brand. The branding itself is very time sensitive. When you take it out of the current context it has question.

We have an historical frustration with lack of nimbleness to respond to issues. So when this came up there was real energy behind getting something. Is the idea good enough, will we not send a bad enough message so we could post it? One question about a goal of nimbleness. There is a fine line between political and value/belief statement. There has been a  lot of talk about immigration and sanctuary in last year. This is humanitarian.

    1. Shane moved to hang the Families Belong together banner. Bill Morgan seconded.
    2. Discussion on if there would add a time limit to the banner hanging. No.
    3. Motion Passed
  1. Board email address –
    1. Background: board email address was created in order to set up google drive. Email sat silent until used for B&G vote, letter to paula, congregation notification of paula departure. Paula’s husband, Mark Cannon, used to write back at board. Mani requested emails to that to go to all the board. All to board or one person monitor.
    2. Cat moved board secretary monitor email and forward relevant to board. Bob seconds.
    3. Discussion: If intent was for it to go to the board then it should go to the board. We don’t need to get trash. Important that the board speaks as a unified voice.
    4. Amend Meg, 2nd Mani: Secretary send response to sender saying it has been forwarded to the board.
    5. Motion Passes unanimously
  2. Restorative Justice (AKA Right Relationship Team) –
    1. Discussion: training coming up in toledo 10/27. Cat approached to go. Mani interested. There was an issue in June that should be handled with Restorative Justice. RJ best practiced say start with small issues. We have team that is not experienced and would be setting them up for failure. Cat reached out to Renee R. about this. We need to do SOMEthing.
  3. Board Retreat –
    1. Saturday Aug 25 at Coffee house at University Circle. We have 2nd floor meeting room. Coffee and Pastry in am, menu will be sent – board will pay own.
    2. Renee facilitating.
    3. Don/Shane will talk reading the financial docs.
    4. Short inservice on board topics.
    5. Leader Lab stuff (homework!).
    6. Visioning.
  4. Board Development Workshop – Akron 9/15. Hopes people can attend.
    1. 2017-2018 Year End and Profit and Loss statement
      1. 28K of expenses not spent. Mostly personnel
      2. Under 10K on pledge income, 7K more on rent. Rent increase from B&G busting their butt.
      3. Volunteers helped to take slack to delay hiring
    2. Balance Sheet
      1. 30K more in investments, will come down (and then some) with roof and doors.
      2. Designated account fund changes.
      3. Refunding the investment fund – capital fund
      4. Still year end adjustments to make. Won’t make major change.
    3. Matt Smith moved that budgeted contingency 10 K, 2 K left from last year budget for carry over for contingency, 2nd by shane. Motion passed
    4. 3 volunteers lined up to work monthly to go back to sending monthly statements.
    1. Reunification report from Meg: Meeting regularly (every 2 weeks). Talked about form of entity, Dissolve existing, create new entity.  Have talked about board structure and populating initial board, Staffing – what that might look like. Our current staffs dovetail nicely. Convened finance committees – budget line up, where would we save, where would it be the same. Starting in September will be meeting weekly. Hopefully detail proposal in October. Behavior of entire team is collaborative & cooperative. Invigorating.
  7. Anti-Racism Task Force report from Erika Brown and Nancy King Smith
    1. Task force meeting was this afternoon. Spiritual work, comes from spiritual place. About community. Reclaiming humanity. Living out core values. Task force consists of Nancy, Erika, Pat Dillard, Allan Georgia, Joe Cherry, Karen G, Roschelle Ogbuji.
    2. Congregational Read – UU’s of Color
    3. Film series illusion of race
    4. Frederick Douglass class by ARE
    5. Roschelle has offered mindfulness training.
    6. Looking into Beloved congregations curriculum from Meadville Lombard. Winter / Spring.
    7. Worship – want to include, but since in flux won’t be happening near term. One or more service this year WILL, focusing on relationship.
    8. Ongoing Racial Justice Leadership Team approved. When that takes over from taskforce.
  8. OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for next meeting will be handled by Erika
  9. CLOSING WORDS Cat read from Rumi
  10. Board moved into executive session at 8:35
  11. Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Gay, Secretary

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