2018-06-19 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes



June 19, 2018


Board Members Present:  Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Sherry Griswold, Shane Millette, Heather Torok, Don Stimpert, Jeremy Holmes (minutes), Carol Gay, Mani Pierce, and Bob Horan.

Board Members Absent: Erika Brown, Tom McKenna, Nancy King-Smith, Wayne Jennings

Staff Present: Rev. Paula Gable, Erin Justice, Allan Georgia

Staff Absent:

  1. CALL TO ORDER:  7:14pm
  2. OPENING WORDS by Meg Pauken
  3. Anti-Racism Task Force Recommendations
    1. A motion was made by Cat White to approve the recommendations by the Anti-Racism Task Force; seconded by Shane Millette.
    2. Discussion about the recommendations
      1. Discussion about finding financial resources to have a budget line item for this work.  
      2. Discussion about potential burnout from congregational leaders taking on this work.
        1. Possible burnout if we try to lean too much on people of color to lead in following through with the recommendations.
      3. Discussion about changes that could come about in our community because of anti-racism work.  Example was given of removing the city of residence from our nametags.
      4. Question about whether these recommendations and decisions should be made at the Board level instead of just happening through other committees, etc.  
      5. Discussion about staff support for the recommendations.  Staff expressed collectively that if the recommendations are approved by the Board they will be made a priority.  This may mean that cut backs in staff support may be needed in other areas to avoid burnout, but they are willing to do that.
    3. Vote- The Board voted in favor of approving the recommendations from the Anti-Racism Taskforce.  One Board member abstained from the vote.
  4. Building and Grounds Proposal-
    1. Request for funding for urgent capital projects as recommended in the facility condition assessment.
      1. Request for funding to replace the East/West wooden entry doors.  Recommendation to contract with low bidder Vicon.
      2. Request for funding to repair/replace the flat roof areas.  Recommendation to contract with low bidder 5-Star Roofing to replace both East and West flat roofs with BUR’s type materials.  
      3. Request for funding to repair parking lot.  Recommendation to repair the potholes in the driveway entrances and consider larger “sustainable” lot replacement in the future.
    2. Conversations about how to fund capital projects moving forward.
      1. Create a capital fund to pay for capital projects.  
      2. Taking out a loan to pay for capital expenses.  
      3. Annual capital fund raising drives for specific projects (i.e. small cheerful campaigns).
    3. Conversations about how the Board can seek approval from the Congregation for these expenses.
      1. Creating a poll to send out to congregants
    4. Shane Millette made a motion to approve the proposal from the Building and Grounds Committee to spend funds from the investment accounts for the specified capital expenses; seconded by Matt Smith.
    5. An online poll will be created and sent to members who are eligible to vote.  A paper copy will be sent, or phone calls made to members who do not use email so that everyone can vote.  Meg Pauken will draft the wording for these communications.
  5. Staff Handbook
    1. Dan Homans (sp) made the changes in the Staff Handbook per request from the Board.  
    2. The Board will review the changes for approval at the next Board meeting.
  6. OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for August Board meeting to be provided by Cat White
  7. CLOSING WORDS:  Closing words by Meg Pauken
  8. BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT:   Adjourned before 9 pm.


Minutes approved at 8/21/18 board meeting.

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