UU Podversations – A New Podcast from First Unitarian Church of Cleveland

UU Podversations is a brand new venture from First U. it’s a podcast about UU perspectives on community, pop culture, and the nature of human existence.

For our first episode, Rev. Paula, Allan and Erin talk about the concept of “voluntary association”, feeling like a bootleg Pokemon, how the internet can hinder forming meaningful relationships, and “adulting.”  

Curious about where we got the inspiration for this episode?  Check out these links:

The Blindness of Social Wealth
Is modern society making us depressed? The Ezra Klein Show

You can listen to UU Podversations on iTunes (https://buff.ly/2sC2k5i) and Stitcher (https://buff.ly/2JlyVmh).

Interested in appearing on a future episode?  Drop a line to Erin and we’ll schedule a chat!

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