Thank you First U! Volunteer Appreciation Sunday Wrap Up

Yesterday (April 8th), we used our Sunday worship service time to recognize the myriad ways our members contribute to our beloved community.

Volunteers from every aspect of the church were celebrated – from our Board of Trustees to the people who’ve been decluttering our closets; from the folks who keep our gardens green to the ones who are helping us raise our UU kids in the Youth Religious Exploration program.  We recognized 216 individuals representing 59 different volunteer groups.  Let’s put that into perspective: First U has 321 adult members; more than two thirds of our members contribute their time and talents to our community!

I can’t think of any other group that has such a high level of member engagement.  The generosity of First U’s members is just one of the things that make our community remarkable.  Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be talking about some of the other amazing things about our church.  From the depth and breadth of ideas covered by our Adult Religious Education programming, to the innovative, eco-friendly practices used in our gardens.

Thank you to everyone who was recognized yesterday and especially to anyone we may have missed.  Rounding up the full list of teams, committees, groups, and ad-hoc gangs who perform the thousands of tasks required to be a thriving church was quite a task!  I fully believe that a few names may have slipped through cracks.  If yours was one of them you have my deepest apologies and heartiest appreciation.

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