UU Ministers Stand Up for DREAMers

On Tuesday, February 27th, an interfaith coalition of Northeast Ohio clergy, supported by members of their congregations, gathered to deliver a message to Senator Rob Portman — that they are holding Senator Portman accountable for voting against two of the three bipartisan proposals that would have protected DREAMers from deportation.

The newly formed coalition, which includes Rev. Dr. Paula Gable from First U, Rev. Joe Cherry from the UU Society of Cleveland, and Rev. Denis Paul from East Shore UU, represents more than 5,000 Ohio citizens.

There are approximately 4,400 DREAMers in Ohio, including hundreds in Northeast Ohio.  Ohio’s DREAMers contribute an estimated $250 million to the state’s gross domestic product, according to the Center for American Progress.

To learn more about how you can help DREAMers and other Immigrants facing ICE persecution, visit our friends at HOLA Ohio. http://holatoday.org








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